If you completed your adoption through an agency or agent other than HIC, we are happy to assist with your post placement work. Most placing agencies require clients to complete a minimum of two post placement visits following the placement of a child. These requirements vary based on State, Federal, international, accrediting body, or agency guidelines. Some countries are now requiring post placement reports until the adopted child turns 18.

HIC can conduct post placement visits at the HIC offices, or for an additional fee, we can come to your home.

What is a post placement report? A post placement report is generated following a visit with a trained social worker who will review with the parent(s), the adopted child’s progress, recent medical history, daily schedule, overall development and any concerns or questions which may come up. The social worker will meet with the family and the child in a casual atmosphere allowing the social worker to observe the parent(s) and child together. The resulting report will be forwarded to the parent(s) and any/all applicable agents of the adoption.

Why are post placement reports needed? Post placement reports are one way for those involved in adoption, to ensure that parents and children are adjusting well and for placing agencies to monitor overall success of adoption. Most placing countries require a certain number of post placement reports as one stipulation for placement.