Peggy, GA – adopted a little girl from China

Adoption through HIC was an overwhelming positive experience – right from the start to the completion. We knew what to expect (as best you can) along the whole process. Our little girl was an absolutely delightful addition to our family. She has a winning personality, a delightful smile, and wins everyone’s heart in a matter […]

Aimee, HI – adopted a little girl from China

My experience with HIC was completely positive. It was like having someone hold my hand every step of the way. There was always someone available to answer my questions and spend as much time as I needed at any time. The personal quality of the adoption process was exceptional. In addition, I had the special […]

Anthony & Karen, HI – adopted a little girl from China

Great experience for a number of reasons: 1) Pre-planning: HIC was quite organized and willing to answer all of our questions. 2) In China: HIC has the best local coordinator, CiCi. On many occasions, we witnessed CiCi helping other (non-HIC) families and their interpreters. 3) Last: Everything is fine. We’re going to adopt another one.

Cathie & Bill, MI – adopted a little girl from Russia

As pioneers in the Russian adoption arena, our family had to rely heavily in our trust of HIC and Kristine. There was no web support, no videos, no international doctors, and only a handful of people who had completed adoptions in Russia. We adopted our daughter in 1993 and will soon celebrate 17 years as […]

Mark & Christine, NM – adopted a little boy from China

Adopting internationally can be a long, tedious process; HIC was there every step of the way and made the journey a pleasurable and memorable experience. We met our son in December 2001, and fell in love with him immediately. He was affectionate, clever, and so lovely. There has never been a doubt that he is […]

Liz, NY – adopted a little boy from Russia

My experience with HIC was wonderful. My caseworker was completely supportive. She was like my coach – always there to help. All HIC contacts in Russia were terrific. My adoption went through very smoothly, and it was overall a great experience.

Laurie, NY – adopted a little girl from China

The process was smooth and clear. [HIC was] always available. My questions were answered immediately. The travel was excellent. Our guide was amazing and her attentiveness and small size of our group really made HIC stand out. Also, my paperwork went very fast, because HIC is so efficient in helping you with it. Wonderful experience […]

Becky & George, MO – adopted a little girl and boy from Cambodia

Both George and I feel just GREAT whenever we hear the words: “Hawaii International Child.” It is all due to Kristine. She is totally professional in anything she has to do with the adoption experience… AND she is with you when you are deciding whether or not to adopt… dealing with paperwork… picking which country […]