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James McCarthy – Nurturing Empathy in Kids

Parenting Tip: The Joy of Parenting

Parenting Tip: Celebrate Culture

Parenting Tip: The Gift of Sleep

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Adopt a Waiting Child

A Birth Father's Story

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Adopted Kids Are Just Like Other Kids

A Philippines Adoption Story

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Future Astro-physicist, actor and musician, Nicholas Amado

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How to Create A More Peaceful Future

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Finding My Birth Family Part 1

Meet Isaac. He was adopted at birth by a loving family on Oahu 29 years ago. Now, he’s sharing his journey of searching for his birth parents with Kristine Altwies on a very special episode of All About Adoption: Finding My Birth Parents – Part 1.

Finding My Birth Family Part 2

29-year old Isaac just met his birth parents for the first time. Join us as Isaac and both of his birth parents share their thoughts on a bond that transcends distance and years.

Family -- A music video

Attaching in Adulthood

Following a turbulent childhood, Patrick devoted his life to helping others, and in doing so, started helping himself.

Adopting An Older Child From The Philippines

MJ Abe, HIC's Philippines Program Director, shares her experiences helping older children find their forever families in America.

Becoming Who I Am

Born in Arkansas to African American birth parents, Kamakakehau grew up in Hawaii to eventually become an ambassador of Aloha.

Mom to Many

Kaui and her husband are raising 14 kids with no end of love or energy in sight!

Surviving and Thriving

Against all odds, Kintaro came up through the foster system and now dedicates his life to helping others.

A Domestic Adoption Journey

Tammy was adopted as an infant, later found her birth mother and has been an adoption advocate ever since.

Long Ago in China

Join HIC’s Executive Director, Kristine Altwies, as she discusses adoption and life with Lenore Peterson — a single mother who adopted her daughter, Maya, from China.

Domestic Adoption ABCs

Lani Oprescu, Director of the Ka Makana Domestic Adoption program at Hawaii International Child discusses the ins and outs of adopting from within the United States.

Why Training Matters

In this episode of ALL ABOUT ADOPTION, HIC caseworker and adoptee, Lealyn discusses the importance of parent training in the pre and post adoption period. Lealyn shares her personal and professional insights into some of the issues around growing up adopted.

Finding a Forever Family

In this episode of ThinkTech Hawaii - Aloha United We Stand, HIC Director of Social Work, Abby Sylvester and her daughter Essence talk about who adopted kids are, what works for them, what parents can expect, what is required, and how parents can get in touch with HIC to start the adoption process.

Learning to Trust

It’s tough to be a foster kid. And it gets tougher the longer you are in the system. Mala, a 24-year old former foster child, shares her experience — 34 homes in 6 years — and how finding her adoptive family made all the difference.

Adopting the Older Child

HIC’s Executive Director, Kristine Altwies, discusses older child adoption From China with guests, Jaydee Wagner – Adoptive Mother/Director of China Adoptions – Hawaii International Child and Mary Swanson – Adoptive Mother/Older Child Adoption Advocate.

Adopting a Child Domestically

Join HIC’s Executive Director, Kristine Altwies, as she discusses older child adoption in the United States with guests, Abby Sylvester, LCSW – Adoptive Mother/Director of Social Work, and Chiyomi Chow, LSW – Adoptive Mother/Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter, Family Programs Hawaii.

Birth Mother Perspectives

Join HIC’s Executive Director, Kristine Altwies, as she welcomes special guests Kendra Lyons and Jessica Bethel to discuss their personal experiences with placing a child for adoption.

Being A Kid

Join HIC’s Executive Director, Kristine Altwies, as she welcomes special guests Essence (13 years old) and Luyanda (8 years old) to discuss what it’s like to be adopted, from a kid’s point of view.

A Teen’s Perspective

13-year old Essence shares what it’s like growing up in the foster care system and then finding her forever family.

Born in Baku

Meet William, who was born halfway around the world in Azerbaijan but grew up in Hawaii. He shares his thoughts on adoption and life.

Adopting a Waiting Child Panel

HIC Adoptive Parents talk about adopting the older or waiting child and what it means for their family.

Meet Erin, An Experienced Surrogate

Meet Erin -- an experienced surrogate who has birthed two babies for other families.

Meet Chey, A Prospective Surrogate

Meet Chey as she walks us through the decision making process to become a gestational surrogate.

Surrogacy: What, Why and How?

My Surrogacy Family Program Director, Jamie Hughes discusses surrogacy on ThinkTech Hawaii.

Surrogacy in India

Hawaii International Child's Executive Director, Kristine Altwies, discusses surrogacy in India on ThinkTech Hawaii.

What is Surrogacy?

Why Choose Surrogacy

Reasons to become a surrogate

Requirements to Become A Surrogate

What does surrogacy cost?

Become A Surrogate

Talking to kids about surrogacy

History of surrogacy

Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy Frequesntly Asked Questions

How much input does the surrogate have in the pregnancy?

What will the relationship with my surrogate be like?

Addressing concerns about using a surrogate

What happens after a surrogate goes into labor?

What to Expect from the Surrogacy Process

Your Surrogate is Pregnant!

Why Do People Fear Surrogacy?

Why is Surrogacy Controversial?