Hawaii International Child

HIC holds the well being of the child above all else. We recognize the critical importance of early childhood love and nurture, and acknowledge that every child deserves a loving, permanent family. We believe that children suffer in the limbo of uncertainty and blossom with the security of stability and consistency. We wish to create a community, into which these dear children may grow and prosper. We recognize the needs of adoptive parents for truth and professionalism, education and support prior to adoption. We recognize the need for ongoing support and education following placement of children into homes. We understand the importance of ongoing support for adopted children. We recognize the reality of the family triad in adoption and the need to acknowledge the birth parents to the extent possible. We choose to remain a small agency with a large amount of love for what we do. We believe in a quality adoption experience. HIC respects the individuality of each person, and the importance of diversity to a healthy world.


Hawaii International Child’s mission is to support vulnerable children globally and to advocate for and assist with building loving and permanent families through adoption, surrogacy and other medical alternatives. We have intercountry programs Philippines (relative and non-relative) and in China. Families wishing to adopt domestically should explore our Ka Makana Domestic Adoption Program.

China Adoption Program

The China Waiting Child (CWC) Program was established to help place older children and children faced with particular challenges or conditions into special families. Such children may have conditions like cleft lip and palate, missing digits or hands, club feet, orthopedic problems, congenital heart disease, vision or hearing problems, and other conditions. HIC is one […]

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Philippines Adoption Program

The Philippines runs excellent and child-centered permanency programs. HIC is proud to offer a child-placement program in cooperation with the Central Authority (Inter-Country Adoption Board) and well-respected non-profit social service organizations in the Philippines. Prospective adoptive parents will enjoy the excellent information about waiting children and care provided to those children.

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Philippines Relative Adoption Program

This special HIC program is ONLY for families wishing to adopt direct relative children living in the Philippines who meet the adoption criteria. Philippine relative adoptions can only be processed by ICAB approved agencies such as HIC. Clients are cautioned against retaining attorneys to attempt these adoptions without the support of an approved adoption agency.

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Ka Makana Domestic Adoption Program

HIC offers a domestic adoption program for Hawaii-based adoptive families and Hawaii-based birth families. Due to the number of children placed each year through this program, families in this program are also encouraged to consider other programs through which to grow their family. HIC will provide families with both home study and post-placement services. Final […]

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Yoshee Embryo Matching Program

HIC’s embryo matching program allows the adopting family to parent to begin the family-building journey with pregnancy and childbirth. HIC accepts the donation of frozen embryos from families who have completed building their families and seeks to match them with local families willing and able to undergo Frozen Embryo Transfer and carry a child(ren) to […]

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What our clients say

  • Adoption through HIC was an overwhelming positive experience – right from the start to the completion. We knew what to expect (as best you can) along the whole process. Our little girl was an absolutely delightful addition to our family. She has a winning personality, a delightful smile, and wins everyone’s heart in a matter of moments. I couldn’t be happier.

    Peggy, GA – adopted a little girl from China

  • My experience with HIC was completely positive. It was like having someone hold my hand every step of the way. There was always someone available to answer my questions and spend as much time as I needed at any time. The personal quality of the adoption process was exceptional. In addition, I had the special experience of becoming a member of newly organized Single Women’s Adoption Network (SWAN). This was an invaluable support group, which has continued to become a core social group for us and our children. Once in China, the process completing the adoption was seamless. Our tireless and dedicated guide, CiCi, is a gem.

    I always recommend HIC without reservation to any friends who are considering adoption.

    Aimee, HI – adopted a little girl from China

  • Great experience for a number of reasons: 1) Pre-planning: HIC was quite organized and willing to answer all of our questions. 2) In China: HIC has the best local coordinator, CiCi. On many occasions, we witnessed CiCi helping other (non-HIC) families and their interpreters. 3) Last: Everything is fine. We’re going to adopt another one.

    Anthony & Karen, HI – adopted a little girl from China

  • As pioneers in the Russian adoption arena, our family had to rely heavily in our trust of HIC and Kristine. There was no web support, no videos, no international doctors, and only a handful of people who had completed adoptions in Russia. We adopted our daughter in 1993 and will soon celebrate 17 years as a complete family. Our daughter is happy, healthy, and completely normal. Our faith and trust in HIC was never shaken and we have continued to consider them as forever friends.

    Cathie & Bill, MI – adopted a little girl from Russia

  • Adopting internationally can be a long, tedious process; HIC was there every step of the way and made the journey a pleasurable and memorable experience. We met our son in December 2001, and fell in love with him immediately. He was affectionate, clever, and so lovely. There has never been a doubt that he is our child and we are his parents. Currently we are in the process of adopting child #2 from China through HIC. We wouldn’t ever consider another agency and are eternally grateful they have made our dream come true.

    Mark & Christine, NM – adopted a little boy from China

  • From beginning to end, HIC was there to help me with every aspect of adoption. They have become extended family. The “HIC” experience was/is wonderful.

    Clancy, CA – adopted 11 children from Russia, China, Cambodia

  • My experience with HIC was wonderful. My caseworker was completely supportive. She was like my coach – always there to help. All HIC contacts in Russia were terrific. My adoption went through very smoothly, and it was overall a great experience.

    Liz, NY – adopted a little boy from Russia

  • The process was smooth and clear. [HIC was] always available. My questions were answered immediately. The travel was excellent. Our guide was amazing and her attentiveness and small size of our group really made HIC stand out. Also, my paperwork went very fast, because HIC is so efficient in helping you with it.

    Wonderful experience working with HIC. Would do so again in a flash! Adopting my little girl is the most meaningful and fulfilling experience of my life.

    Laurie, NY – adopted a little girl from China

  • Both George and I feel just GREAT whenever we hear the words: “Hawaii International Child.” It is all due to Kristine. She is totally professional in anything she has to do with the adoption experience… AND she is with you when you are deciding whether or not to adopt… dealing with paperwork… picking which country best suits your needs… waiting… waiting… waiting… throwing a birthday party for some of your other children WHILE you’re waiting… waiting… waiting… re-organizing your financial situation to suit your needs… and listening to you go on and on about what suits your needs… Kristine is an ANGEL!! We trust her completely, and whenever we have a chance to toot HIC’s horn, we do so.

    Becky & George, MO – adopted a little girl and boy from Cambodia

  • Very positive experience.  HIC is like an extended family; very caring, supportive, and always there with assistance if needed. We need more people in the world like Kristine.

    Renee, HI – adopted a little girl from Vietnam